Surrogacy Cost & Package Details

Surrogacy Cost & Package Details

IVF Centre Hyderabad offers a plethora of surrogacy and IVF-related services at affordable rates for our clients. We aim to provide cost-effective surrogacy consultation for childless couples who are usually not capable of affording high-cost treatments in the US.

At our agency, we refer clients to the most reputed legally secure and affordable international destinations. We can help you avail of cost-effective IVF egg donor surrogacy at rates as low as Rs.15,00,000 INR. Take a look at the details of our plans to gain more insight into what you are paying for.

SURROGACY (Cost) + PGD/PGS (Cost) + Egg Donor (Cost) + Twins (Cost)

We exercise full transparency for all our dealings with prospective parents, regardless of whether they are married couples or intended single parents. You will get a clear idea of how much to pay at every treatment stage right from the start. We ensure that there are no additional costs for our IVF and surrogacy services irrespective of the treatment you require.

As consultants with a purpose for helping IVF and surrogacy applicants, we use our expertise to get them favorable deals. Our professionals have negotiated the most affordable pricing with our vast range of IVF clinic partners and surrogacy agencies. We enjoy long and mutually beneficial relationships with them, from which our intended parents benefit significantly. If you want to enhance your chances of parenthood our cost-friendly IVF and surrogacy plans can be the right choice.

Our vast partner network consists of many reputed and ethical organizations that specialize in all aspects of legally secure IVF and surrogacy-related procedures. We prioritize offering free and unbiased services and are not focused on the prospect of financial gains.

IVF Centre Hyderabad provides international surrogacy options for intended parents, as well as domestic ones if that is your preference. We ensure that you can find suitable and completely legal services at the best possible rates. Avail of our cost-effective plans and get in touch with some of the world’s leading surrogacy and IVF fertility professionals.

Take a look at our surrogacy plan details which will give you an idea about what is included with our consultation services.

IVF with Egg Donor & Surrogacy in India: Starting from Rs.15,00,000 INR. You will be paying for

Gestational Surrogate Compensation

It is the compensation paid by the intended parent(s) to the surrogate mother during the gestation period. This is the most fundamental expense that you must pay to avail of surrogacy services.

IVF & Medical Support Costs:

All Costs related to the process of inseminating the surrogate with the embryo formed from the intending couple’s eggs/semen. This will include a variety of charges from the IVF Lab such as Stimulation injection charges, Ovum Pick Up, ICSI, Resulting Embryo transfer into the surrogate. The charges also include few medications post the Embryo transfer to the surrogate and other continuing medical support until delivery.

Surrogate Maintenance Costs:

We provide a neat and hygienic accommodation to all our surrogates monitored constantly by our nurses to ensure the health of your baby. All foods given to them are as per the diet recommended by the consultant and are mainly organic foods. We assure all our clients that you or the surrogate will have no complaints regarding the level of maintenance that we adhere to….!

Legal fees

Surrogacy and IVF are practices that must be carried out in a completely legal manner by following all the requisite guidelines. Carrying out all the legal formalities and instructing you to take recommended actions is our responsibility. Nominal legal fees are charged for all IVF and surrogacy programs.

Screening Costs

Screening costs are required for the initial preimplantation embryo screening process that has to be carried out. This is one of the most important steps before the IVF cycle gets a go-ahead from the doctors. We ensure affordable screening costs for our IVF applicants.

Psychological Support

Psychological support can be crucial for surrogates who are dedicating their lives to help childless couples and intended parents. This is an important aspect of surrogacy services and may also be crucial for those who have faced difficulties with IVF processes before.

There may be some other costs which are all included within the amount you have to pay.

In India, only the citizens of this country are allowed to avail of surrogacy services. It is only possible if both partners are Indian citizens. However, both married couples and singles can apply for surrogacy. Single males are required to fill in some additional paperwork, which may slightly raise the associated legal expenses.
All our programs require paying for legal fees, agency fees, surrogate fees, egg donor fees, etc., all of which are required for IVF and surrogacy processes to go through.

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